What You as a User Can Do With Cloudways PHP Stack

With Cloudways, there’s plenty you can do with the vast array of features it offers. The Cloudways PHP Stack is just one of those features that allow you, as a user, to take advantage of the platform and supercharge your websites.
A stack is a straight dynamic data structure that follows Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) guideline. In a stack, the addition of a modern component and cancellation of a component happens at the same conclusion which infers that the component which is added last within the stack will be the primary to be removed from the stack
You may already know what a PHP Stack is, but if you’re not familiar with it, or don’t know how the Cloudways PHP Stack differs from the traditional stack, then you’re about to find out.

What’s a PHP Stack?

When we talk around a PHP stack, we’re talking about the operating framework, web server, PHP, and anything PHP consumes or interacts with, including databases, queues, caches, APIs, PHP Workers and more. Stacks differ based on whether you’re in development, continuous integration (CI), or generation, with each posturing its own needs and challenges.

The Cloudways PHP Stack is aptly called the ‘ThunderStack.’ It’s a unique formula created in the Cloudways laboratory consisting of the best cache and server technology. ThunderStack comprises of following components:

Varnish Cache
These components make up the fastest hosting stack ever. They work in conjunction to provide your website with blazing fast load times which always keeps your customers satisfied and ensures that you convert visitors into clients.

Varnish, an HTTP accelerator, is permanently enabled on Cloudways ThunderStack. It’s a must-have for content-heavy and multimedia-rich websites and boosts their performance, and so makes a crucial part of the stack.

How to Launch Your PHP Stack

How to Launch Your PHP Stack

Launching your PHP Stack on Cloudways is simple. First, sign up on Cloudways, then launch the your server with PHP Stack Application.

Advantages of Using Cloudways PHP Stack

Working with Cloudways PHP stack gives you the freedom to be flexible and you can work your way around as you want. For example:

Upload or Clone your Custom made PHP Site

You can upload your custom PHP-made site via FileZilla or SFTP. If you want to clone your website, you can use GIT using the Cloudways UI or using the Git Clone vias the SSH terminal.

Install Any PHP Framework

You can install any PHP Framework or a CMS of your choice on the Cloudways PHP stack.

To install the Craft CMS on your PHP stack, for example, head here for your guide.

Want to install Symfony 5.2 on your cloud server? No problem. Click here for your guide.

October CMS?

You name it, and you can install your favorite CMS or PHP framework on the Cloudways PHP stack.

Create Cross-Platform Applications

Your advantages don’t end there. You can also configure your PHP stack to create cross-platform applications and take advantage of the several platforms you want to port your application.

Run Your APIs on PHP Stack

Do you have your own API that you want to run on the PHP Stack? No problem, because you can do that too! You can also use REST APIs like Slim, Silex, Lumen, and others. There are several benefits to using an API, a few of which are speedy performance and easily scalable servers. So if you think that your API response time is getting slow due to many requests, you can easily scale your server with just 1-click to maximize the response time.

Create Custom Panel to Interact with Cloudways

Using the Cloudways API you can create a custom panel to interact with Cloudways. Here are some rather useful guides to shed light on how you can use the Cloudways API to your advantage.

Install MySQL Manager

Installing your favorite MySQL manager on the Cloudways PHP Stack is easy. The default MySQL manager provided is already secure. However, if you install PHPMyAdmin, you will have to take steps to secure it yourself. Here’s a guide on how to install PHPMyAdmin on your PHP Stack.


If you thought you were limited with what you could do with Cloudways PHP stack, now you know you aren’t. With so many benefits and features to take advantage of, you can pump up your website and customize it according to you.

If you have any suggestions or questions in mind, let us know in the comment section below!

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