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Introducing ‘Esperanza’, the first version of WordPress in 2021. Esperanza is named after Esperanza Spalding, the modern music prodigy. Her musical journey is varied and inspiring. Web Development Services in Pakistan are mostly done on WordPress.

In this new version, WordPress brings you new colors. The editor allows you to work in places you couldn’t before, without having to dig into the code or hire a professional. The commands you use most often are right where you need them. Layout changes are easier to find.

The new editor is now easier to use

Setting the font size in more places: now the font size controls are where you need them, in the List and Code blocks. You no longer need to navigate to another screen to make this simple change!

Reusable blocks: several improvements have made reusable blocks more stable and easier to use. In addition, they are now automatically saved with the item when the Update button is clicked.

Drag and drop into the insertion form: Drag blocks and block templates from the insertion form directly into the article.

You can do more without writing custom code

Full-width alignment: Have you ever wanted a block, such as the Envelope block, to fill an entire window? Now it is possible in Web Development Services in Pakistan

Button blocks: Now you can choose a vertical or horizontal layout. And you can set the button width to a predefined percentage.

Social media icon block: now you can change the size of the icons.

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WordPress 5.7

Simpler default color palette

This new simplified color palette reduces all the colors that were in the WordPress source code to seven primary colors and a range of 56 tints that meet the WCAG 2.0 AA suggested contrast ratio against black or white.

You will find the new palette in the default color scheme in the WordPress control panel and use it when creating themes, plugins or other components. See the developer’s note on the color scheme for full details.

Switch from HTTP to HTTPS with one click

Switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS is now a one-click process. WordPress automatically updates your database URLs when you make this change. No more searching and guessing!

New API for Bots

The new feature Robots API is a new developer API that allows you to include filtering directives in the robot’s meta tag and includes the maximum-image-preview: full-size directive by default. This means that search engines can show full image previews, which can increase your traffic on the network.

Lazy loading of iFrames

It is now easy to let iframes load lazily. By default, WordPress adds the loading=”lazy” attribute to iframe tags when width and height are specified.

Cleanup in progress after upgrading to jQuery 3.5.1

The jQuery tool has helped move things around on the screen in ways that basic tools didn’t allow for years, but that’s still changing, and so is jQuery.

In version 5.7, jQuery is more focused and less intrusive, with fewer messages displayed in the console.

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